Do I need to know someone in a Lodge to be able to join?

In past years the traditional method of getting into a Lodge was to be invited. It’s important that anyone who joins a Lodge is of good character, will contribute and is looking to join for the right reasons. This stipulation has been relaxed and these days it is perfectly acceptable for prospective candidates to approach a Lodge and ask to join.

What normally happens then is that you will meet with a couple of the more senior members informally – perhaps at a coffee shop or a pub – and they will talk with you about Freemasonry to make sure you understand what you’re getting involved in. From there, there may be a second meeting with a few more members of the Lodge before your application is considered.

Any application, whether through recommendation or enquiry, will then be put to all members of a Lodge as part of a Lodge meeting and members will vote in confidence whether to accept or reject your application.

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