Does Freemasonry take a lot of time?

Only if you let it – you only do as much as you want to.

As you progress, the more senior roles have a larger part to play in the ceremonies which means more to learn, so make sure you understand that before agreeing to take on a role.

Most Lodges meet 4 or 5 times a year. In the lead up to the meetings there are Lodges of Instruction (LoI’s) where members rehearse the parts they have been asked to play so that everything goes smoothly on the night. The number of LoI’s varies between Lodges.

At Oak Tree we meet formally four times a year; in October, December, February and April with twice monthly LoI’s from September through to May. There are no meetings or LoI’s in June, July or August. As a newer Mason you may not be asked to attend all the LoI’s depending on what is being rehearsed.

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