Why is it hard to find information about the ceremonies?

By keeping much of what goes on in a Lodge meeting out of the public domain (as far as possible), members get the best enjoyment out of the various meetings and ceremonies that take place. Since they experience them for the first time as it happens and do not know in advance what will happen.

Freemasonry is a journey. Just as you wouldn’t want to know how a book or a film ends before you start reading or watching, it’s better if members don’t know what is going to happen – some of the time.

It would also be rather overwhelming if everything were available at once. By revealing only a part of the story at a time it keeps people interested and keen to know more. It also gives newer Masons the time to think about and understand each stage as it comes along.

And it’s not just newer Masons that go into things without knowing what will happen. When someone is nominated to take on the role of Worshipful Master – the most senior position in a Lodge – they are unaware of the ceremony that they will go through until they are actually in it.

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