Benevolence and Charity are two important aspects of Freemasonry, as every new-made Mason learns.

Although we don’t try to downplay our charitable work, it’s not always well publicized either. So I wanted to highlight a few things that I have come across recently that you might find interesting;

The Metropolitan lodges in London donated £2.5m to the London Fire Brigade back in March for the purchase of three Extended Reach Aerial Appliances. In case you were wondering, the image below shows one of these appliances parked outside Freemasons’ Hall.

London Freemasons donate equipment to London Fire Brigade

Because the London Fire Brigade was able to place an order for three of these vehicles at the same time, they secured a good discount on the normal retail price. This discount has also enabled LFB to buy three Rapid Response cars as well!

You can read more details on both stories here and here.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation

The Masonic Charitable Foundation is one of the main recipients of Masonic charitable donations. You can read more about their activity on the official website. The site details all sorts of areas where our donations benefit those in need, including grants for;

  • Medical treatments for people of all ages;
  • Educational assistance for children and young people;
  • The funding of short breaks for carers
  • Providing high-quality care;
  • Free advice and support to Freemasons and their families.

Here’s a recent article about how Masonic donations are helping tackle loneliness and isolation in later life with a £250,000 donation to Age UK’s Emergency Coronavirus Appeal.

Our support also helps to provide a range of services to assist the physical and emotional needs of people as they age, including community-based programs and access to healthcare, transport, and technology.

Corona Virus Help

Here are two other recent Corona-virus related stories involving Freemasons;

5000 visors produced by Freemasons who adapted production lines at their businesses.

Freemasons helping out during the Covid-19 pandemic

Here, thousands of tablets and smartphones donated to hospitals, care homes, and hospices in England and Wales to help families stay in touch.

Freemasons providing help during the Covid-19 pandemic

You can read more about the charity achievements of Oak Tree Lodge on our Charity & Fundraising page.

Stay Safe.

Stay Safe

S&F – Paul C.

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