About Us

Oak Tree Lodge No. 9408 is based in the Province of Surrey. We are a small and friendly lodge of Surrey Masons that meets regularly at the Farnham Masonic Centre in Farnham, Surrey.

Surrey Masons Classic Car Show

Who We Are

Oak Tree Lodge was consecrated in 1991. This is fairly recent by Masonic standards. We are made up of a mix of Brethren from all sorts of backgrounds and age groups. We meet formally four times a year – in September, December, February, and April. In addition, we hold informal Lodges of Instruction twice monthly from September to May.

Hobbies and Interests

Members come from a range of professions; from accountants and business owners to engineers, IT professionals, police, and prison officers. It is this diversity of outlook that makes the festive boards such interesting and enjoyable occasions. Our hobbies are similarly varied. Although there are some common themes such as Classic Cars, Photography, Travel, and Food.

Here are a few other things that members enjoy – perhaps we have some things in common?

Hobbies we enjoy

Looking to become a Surrey Mason?

If you are looking to join a small lodge of Surrey Masons then do consider us. A small lodge will give you every opportunity to progress as a Freemason. 

We are always interested to hear from prospective new masons as well as joining members who may already be a member of another Lodge.

These days you don’t have to know another Freemason to join us. Although it helps if you’ve spoken to someone about Freemasonry so that you know a little bit about what we do.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in joining or simply want to find out more then drop us an email – membership@oaktreelodge9408.org.uk. We’ll get back to you with more information.

We can also arrange a chat over the phone with some of our members or schedule a ‘Zoom’ call to tell you a bit more about why so many people enjoy the world of Freemasonry.

You can read more about our history and our charity contributions by clicking the links.