Past Masters

We have been fortunate to have a number of excellent Worshipful Masters at Oak Tree since our Consecration. From WBro David Jelley our founding WM to WBro Mark Whittam who is currently in the Chair.

Below is a full list of Masters of Oak Tree Lodge with their respective dates;

1991D W Jelley
1992R A Waters
1993R A Waters
1994J A Armstrong-Forbes
1995H Hearfield-Smith
1996Maj L C Bendall
1997K T Barriball
1998R W Clifton
1999G C Phillips
2000G C Phillips
2001D W Jelley
2002D W Jelley
2003J W Switzer
2004P J Wisdom
2005P J Wisdom
2006N H Trundle
2007N H Trundle
2008J R Webb
2009J R Webb
2010A G Truslove
2011A G Truslove
2012M J Kearney
2013M J Kearney
2014J A Simpson
2015J A Simpson
2016J W Switzer
2017J W Switzer
2018M E Whittam
2019M E Whittam
2020M E Whittam
2021M J Kearney
2022K Bingham
2023P Birch