Charity and Fundraising

Masonic Charity

The virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity pay a big part in Masonic life. Freemasonry is synonymous with charity and fundraising. It’s one of the reasons why people become Freemasons.

Across the UK, Freemasons contribute to the national organisation, the Masonic Charitable Foundation. 

The video below explains a little about what they do.

Masonic Charity In Surrey

The website for Surrey Freemasons notes that;

One of the cornerstones of our Fraternity is charitable giving and support within the local community to both Masonic and public charities.

Donations are also made to National and International charities where relief or much needed funds for aid is needed.

It is not just about money but caring and supporting those in need of help and assistance.

Surrey Freemasons contribute to a number of initiatives specifically benefitting people in Surrey;

  • Teddies for Loving Care (TLC). Providing support to sick children in hospital by giving them a Teddy Bear that they can take home and keep.
  • Beemasonry. A new idea, where we offer funds, training, support, equipment and volunteers to local community groups and help them set up and run their own beehives.

Surrey Freemasons also contribute to the running of two care homes for Freemasons and their wives or widows – one in Croydon and one in Hindhead. These are managed by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI).

Oak Tree Lodge is a keen supporter of local charities and good causes too.

We have some charities that we donate to regularly year on year. In addition, specific charities are chosen by our incumbent Worshipful Master for support during his tenure.

One of our regular charities is Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care.

Donations 2019

Our Past Master, WBro John Switzer selected the Boaz Project as his nominated charity during his tenure as WM.

On top of this, we are proud to have achieved a Bronze 2019 Festival award in support of Provincial fundraising efforts;

Surrey 2019 Festival Bronze award

Earlier Donations

One of our members came across this newspaper clipping, from July 2002, while going through some old Lodge papers.

It shows members of Oak Tree Lodge donating a cheque for £2,000 to Woking Hospice, another local charity that we support on a regular basis.

The opening paragraph is particularly interesting;

Before the launch of the National Lottery, the organisation donating the most to charity annually was the Freemasons.

Members of Oak Tree Lodge donate £2000 to Woking hospice